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Can we just take a minute…😍😍😍
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nahslack said: I love taking pictures of my cock and just of myself naked but have no where to share them, any ideas?

Hm. That sounds like a dilemma… You could always submit them to me 😏💋👌

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Sometimes your body feels so good that I need to take a break to prevent myself from cumming too soon. And this is the way I take a break. By forcing an orgasm out of you so fucking hard I’ll make your slut head-spin. Fight it all you want. I know exactly how to use my fingers to make your fucking cunt rain squirt, slut. Submit to it or fight it all you want. It doesn’t mater to me.

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mntknottiness replied to your post: “Hallelujah! Finally booked flights for Vegas! 🎉💋🍻🙌”:

Oh I LOVE Vegas!!! Have fun!

Me too!! Definitely a favorite! Thanks love! 💋 However, I’m willing to bet that I won’t have as much as fun as you guys will in Mexico!

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